Dear Iron House Family,

We regret to inform you that there have been some delays in shipping for pre-ordered items. This update applies to pre-orders for the Cast Iron Iron House Weight Plates and the Black Zinc OX Power Bar - the Stainless Steel OX Power Bar is currently in stock with same day shipping before 5 pm EST. The following is the information we have been provided regarding these delays:

  • Delays due to Chinese New Year and resulting port congestion from backlogged shipments (more info here),
  • Increasing shipping rates without our knowledge causing us to spend time negotiating with our supplier to ensure we are still able to provide you with fair prices (more info here),
  • Ongoing and increasing delays due to COVID-19 (more info here).

As far as we know, we are now expecting the pre-ordered items to arrive in our warehouse by the end of May. We understand that this is quite the delay, although most companies are experiencing similar delays. We are 100% here to support you as best we can. We will be updating this page as we receive new information.

If you would like additional assistance or would like to change your order, please email us at Please note that due to a large influx of emails, it may take us up to 3-4 business days to respond. Any refund requests will incur a 2% administration fee.

We thank you for choosing to support us and for your ongoing patience.


The Iron House Team

Canadian Designed